Global Enterprise

Room 13 Mallaig have learned to make these fantastic bags made from used plastic. The technique was picked up by their artist in residence who spent some time working with Room 13 Shikshayatan last year. This is an excellent example of studios sharing techniques across the globe to make some products that they can either exhibit or sell, once the
Mallaig artists have mastered the technique there might be some available to buy right here on the Room13 International website.

Room 13 Delmar

After collaborating with Room 13 Hareclive while living in Bristol, artist Ilene Berman is returning to the USA with ideas to develop a travelling studio to serve a neighbourhood north of Delmar that she has been working with for some years.

Room 13 Delmar will be an extention of Ilene’s NoD House project, in St Louis, Missouri. She introduces the idea in her blog:

“I am very interested in developing a Room13 for north of Delmar.  Although my focus would not  necessarily be on young artists, Room13Delmar would fit the larger Room13 model by empowering a community to be creative and make choices. I am imagining a mobile studio that would make scheduled public stops north of Delmar at times convenient for people who work and live along the street. Materials would be available for them to use and, as their involvement grew, they would be responsible for setting the direction of the studio. I am still in the dreaming and designing stage as before I am able to use the Room13 name, I need to speak with Room 13 International. However, I must say that after seeing Shani and Paul’s dedication and care of Room13 Hareclive, I would be thrilled to be a part of this network. Stay tuned.”