Creativity = Capital Room 13 Presentation at Scottish Parliament

Creativity = Capital            Room 13 Presentation at Scottish Parliament

At the invitation of MSP Jean Urquhart, Room 13 has an opportunity to present to an invited audience in a committee room at the Scottish Parliament on 23rd April.

We have called the event ‘Creativity = Capital’ based on the premise that creativity is important in all aspects of life, business and community.

Room 13 artists, studio managers and invited guests will present what Room 13 is about and why creativity is valuable – to individuals, education, and society.

Speakers will include:

Young artists and management team of Room 13 studios in Caol and Lochyside Primary Schools – representing generations of pupils who have amassed 20 years experience of running their own art studio and without ever falling behind with their class work!

Claire Gibb, Chief Executive of Room 13 International, the charity formed to support and promote the ethos of Room 13 and young artists worldwide.

Fiona Clancy, ‘Head of Disruption’ at global marketing and communications company TBWA Worldwide. Room 13 and TBWA have been working together since 2003 to plant the seeds of creativity in schools and communities from Soweto to South Central LA.

This is an excellent opportunity for Room 13 to engage directly with many leading Educationalists, Politicians and members of the Arts and the business community; individuals who are well positioned to guide and influence others.