Room 13 Open Studio – Wednesdays from 1st October

Room 13’s popular OPEN STUDIO (Community Studio, Caol Youth Centre) is open again – Wednesday 1 October, 2pm-6pm

The OPEN STUDIO is open to all ages, all levels of experience & it’s free!

We provide a relaxed studio environment for self-directed creative activity – come and use the materials and equipment, do your own thing, work on a shared project, or ask the lead-artist to show you how to make prints, work with clay, make papier mache, stretch a canvas…

Paper, paints, inks, pastels, oil bars, pencils, card & more are available (& free), sketchbooks, clay, canvas, etching plates, lino can be provided at cost.  Tea, coffee & water will be available (donations to cover costs welcome).

It’s on 2pm-6pm Wednesdays during term time (and during school holidays by arrangement with lead artist) – pop in, stay for a while, stay longer – we look forward to seeing you!

Room 13 Community Studio, Caol Youth Centre, Glenkingie Street, Caol, Fort William (Scotland)

UNEDUCATED 5 Sept – 5th Oct 2014

A collection of artwork and images from the Room 13 archive are on show at the Counihan Gallery In Brunswick, Melbourne Australia.

Curated by Kym Maxwell, UNEDUCATED presents artworks and projects that explore ideas of society, knowledge and institutional learning that both provoke consideration of our role as spectators and reflect on the debate of the ‘educational turn’ in contemporary art discourse.

Read a review of this exhibition:

Room 13 World Tour – Raising Funds and Spreading Creativity

A set of beautiful custom made moneyboxes are currently touring the world to raise funds and support for Room 13 International!

The Room 13 World Tour is the latest fundraising initiative organised by TBWA.

TBWA Tiger Academy is a global training programme run every year for 40 of the company’s young and most promising employees. Every year, the TBWA Tigers are tasked to come up with an entrepreneurial and creative project to raise funds for Room 13 International.

This year, the TBWA Tigers commissioned Room 13 studios to design and create a unique artwork that would also serve as a moneybox to travel the world raising awareness and money for Room 13 International. The proceeds are directed to the Rod Wright Bursary Fund, introduced by the trustees of Room 13 International in honour of our founding Chairman, and will be used to support entrepreneurial and creative projects put forward by Room 13 studios.


Moneybox created by Room 13 Aragon, London, England

Moneybox created by Room 13 Community Studio, Fort William, Scotland

Moneybox created by Room 13 Aseema, Mumbai, India

Moneybox created by Room 13 Delmar, St Louis, USA

Moneybox created by Room 13 Aragon, London, England




















Room 13 studios in Scotland, England, India and the USA put forward designs and created the 5 artistic pieces you see below. Each of these is now on a route around the worldwide network of TBWA – from Europe, to the America’s, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific.

Follow the tour:

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Vote to secure LA Futures

 L.A. Futures has been selected by the LA 2050 Challenge to compete for a $100,000 grant award!

Public school youth face tremendous challenges entering the professional workforce. Lightbringer project have been working to advance high school youth into college and careers with their LA Futures programme. This is a work-based learning program which partners public schools with major creative companies to prepare students for success in college and beyond.

L.A. Futures emboldens classroom learning by learning and life skill experiences with industry professionals in the classroom and at their places of work. Theory and principles are translated into real-world practices as students connect acquired knowledge with the needs and expectation of the workplace. Through L.A. Futures students make the connection between college and career and become workforce ready.

By helping them win this funding, we can make sure that future generations are supported to achieve their creative aspirations.

It’s simple. Just CLICK on the link and Vote:

Every vote really counts towards their goal so please VOTE NOW AND SHARE this with all your friends!

LA Futures learning programme, delivered by Lightbringer Project

Room 13 International works closely with Lightbringer Project to support and develop the Room 13 studio network. Please take 2 minutes to vote and support our friends in this worthwhile venture!