Room 13 Hareclive say it like it really is!

Room 13 Hareclive welcomed members of the public along to their 3rd Open Studio event at Spike Island! They invited visitors to join them in making messages from the heart – creating banners and signs as part of a participatory piece ‘ Say it like it really is’ – inspired by the lead up to the UK general elections.

They had a slot at Speakers Corner where they asked and discussed questions put to Room 13ers by a group of Ukranian students.

They also took the opportunity to get underway with their #NAP2015 Bristol 2015 European Green Capital commission, asking the public: What do you know about Dundry Slopes?

Following on from this, a panel from Room 13 Hareclive interviewed landscape artist Richard Long at Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol – a symbolic and inspiring start to their project on Dundry slopes!


More photos of these events on Room 13 International facebook page.