3000 Ideas exhibit

A visual mass of ideas, transforming and diverging to form new lines of thought…

Following 3000 Ideas our mass exercise in creativity, an installation is on display as part of Lochaber Ideas Week 2015  in the Ben Nevis Distillery, Fort William. Open 10am – 5pm throughout Ideas Week 16 – 21 November 2015.  Supported by Lochaber Ideas Week and Lochaber Chamber of Commerce.


Adventures of Curiosity and Wonder: the Dundry Slopes


Room 13 Hareclive will be having an exhibition in the LIGHT STUDIO at ARNOLFINI Gallery, Bristol. 
Timed to coincide with their Patron Richard Long’s show, Room 13 Hareclive’s exhibition: Adventures of Curiosity and Wonder:  the Dundry Slopes,  Bristol’s hidden treasure in Hartcliffe is open Tuesday 3rd – Sunday 8th November, 11am – 6pm.

Inspired by the work of Richard Long, a group of Room 13 children, young people and adult artists have been exploring this beautiful but under-used green area on the edge of south Bristol. Through clambering, climbing and walking, talking to people, looking at books and listening to stories and memories, their aim was to re-discover new meaning in a landscape that nobody has named, and to encourage new ways of seeing and using the Slopes for all.

This exhibition documents their collective journey of discovery so far. Poetic yet functional maps will be printed for public use in December.

This project is part of Bristol Green Capital 2015 Neighbourhood Arts Programme. #NAP2015



Fiona C Spowers

Room 13 International Trustee
2009 – 2015

Fiona has a worldwide position in the advertising and communications network TBWA where she has been for 15 years. As ‘Head of Disruption’ Fiona is responsible for her company’s strategic approach to problem-solving. She was first introduced to Room 13 in 2004 by her colleague Rod Wright, and has since been constantly attentive and engaged in the development of Room 13 International.

Through her role in the TBWA Worldwide network, Fiona is involved in helping grow the international network of Room 13 studios, championing the values and ethos of Room 13 International widely within the company.

“When Rod Wright and I first met with the children at Room 13 Caol we described our Disruption process to them.  Those children said they saw themselves as disruptors, too.  And the eight-year-old Managing Director summed up the conversation by commenting, ‘TBWA\ is really just Room 13 for adults, isn’t it?’

We like to say that TBWA\ and Room 13 are ‘good friends.’  Our overarching goal has been to facilitate the expansion of Room 13 across the world – to help build the global network of self-sustaining studios, which could teach creativity and working skills to children who otherwise had little hope and few prospects.”