“Room 13 is truly international. Art has no borders and children face the same personal and social challenges wherever they are. If we are successful, Room 13 can become a global movement for children and the power of creativity.”

Rod Wright, Founding Chairman of Room 13 International

Room 13 International was formed as a charitable organisation in 2009 to support the growing network of Room 13 studios. Our role is to support and develop these studios and promote the value of a higher quality of creative and entrepreneurial education with particular emphasis on philosophy and the arts.

What we do

Room 13 International is governed by a board of trustees and run by one part-time member of staff. Like the studios themselves, the organisation has grown organically, getting by on a great deal of dedication and few resources.  We link with and advise local supporters and agencies around the world to facilitate the development of new projects and studios.  We help to ensure that these are relevant, practical and sustainable for the communities and cultures in which they are based.  We are working to develop the organisation of Room 13 International, so that we can facilitate more contact, collaboration and information sharing between studios and better support the network as a whole.

Like the studio network, Room 13 International is supported by a community of artists, educators, thinkers, business people and other professionals who believe in our work and principles.

Charitable Aims & Objectives

The core charitable objectives of Room 13 International are:

  • Advancement of Education
  •  Advancement of Citizenship and Community Development and
  • Advancement of Arts, Heritage, Culture or Science.

The ten essential aims of Room 13 International are set out in our Articles of Association.

Funding & Resources

The main role for Room 13 International is one of facilitation. The vast majority of individual studios are resourced, run and financed by local agencies; non-governmental organisations, schools, clubs and community centres with support from local businesses and lots of other individuals who contribute to their upkeep in a variety of ways. All Room 13 studios are independent and Room 13 International does not seek to take credit for their activities, only to support and enable them.

Presently, Room 13 International supports barely one complete member of staff and as a result the bulk of our activities are carried out on a largely voluntary basis.


We are grateful for the support we receive from a variety of companies and organisations, large and small. Most of those who show support for Room 13 International do so in a variety of ways over a period of time. Donations of money are more often than not matched by large quantities of time and goodwill.


No introduction to Room 13 International would be complete without mentioning our founding Chairman, Rod Wright. Rod Wright was Worldwide Director of global communications company TBWA\ when he learned about Room 13 in 2004. He had been developing plans to put his company’s resources to use by teaching creativity to under-privileged children in 65 countries worldwide. One night he happened to see a documentary film on TV called ‘What Age Can You Start Being an Artist?’ Excited and intrigued by what he saw, Rod made contact with the ten-year-old Managing Director of Room 13 Caol to ask for some help and advice in developing his programme. They struck up a correspondence, and in the end, Rod was persuaded to hand over his plans to bring creativity to children to Room 13.

Room 13 International was founded on Rod’s belief in creativity and entrepreneurial spirit as a catalyst for helping children develop their potential and improve their place in the world. His are the opening words on this page, and we will forever be sorry that he did not live to see the organisation he nurtured into existence granted charitable status in May 2009.