The ten essential aims of Room 13 International as set out in our Articles of Association are:

(1) To support the widespread application of a higher quality of education with particular emphasis on philosophy and the arts.

(2) To promote intellectual and artistic development across all ages.

(3) To promote and support the combination of practical and theoretical arts education with basic business management skills, in anticipation of a more creative, more entrepreneurial and more confident society.

(4) To promote creativity across the curriculum and the value of art for all.

(5) To promote a more flexible approach to education, particularly the learning and teaching of transferable skills for young people, in order to improve employment prospects.

(6) To support the provision of studio spaces and basic employment opportunities for working artists willing to engage with the education system.

(7) To offer, through participation, communication, education and training, a support network and outlet for children who are forced to live within difficult environmental and social circumstances, in all countries.

(8) To assist in managing some of the social issues facing schools and their local communities particularly those involving young people who are overburdened or under valued by the current education system.

(9) To encourage the formation of professional working relationships between businesses and their local schools, whereby class teaching is complemented with regular interaction between students and those who practice professionally in any given field.

(10) To consult with the young people who elect to associate with Room 13, and to empower them above all in the processes involved.