Alastair Creamer

Trustee of Room 13 International
2009 – 2013

Alastair is the co-founder of Creamer and Lloyd, a creative consultancy that facilitates training and encourages the application of creative and entrepreneurial processes across business, education and not-for-profit organisations.

Educated as a musician, Alastair has moved through many other creative channels including directing, photography, writing and painting.  He has spent 14 years running arts organisations and 11 in business with a stint in the middle as Dean of Faculty for the London College of Music and Media.  It was whilst at Unilever that he developed the award-winning Catalyst programme – an in-house creative laboratory for skills training and cultural change.

As trustee to Room 13 International, Alastair brings unparalleled energy and enthusiasm along with a natural inquisitiveness and methodology which has proved perfect for getting to the heart of any matter.  His great skill is in his ability to remove obstacles by looking at the issue afresh, unlocking potential and coming up with imaginative solutions.

I make links between all aspects of my life – for instance I’m only now appreciating my listening skills embedded in me at the age of 8 when I was a chorister at Canterbury Choir School.  All the committed young artists I’ve met within the Room 13 studios are also drawing on sources of inspiration from all aspects of their lives even at their age.  In some instances this takes courage and an intuitive maturity.  They have something really important to say and I think part of my role is to help them say it, and to make sure they’re heard.

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