Dr Iain Colquhoun

Room 13 International Trustee
2009 – 2014

Iain is a self-employed medical and technical writer, currently based in Perthshire, Scotland. Iain spent many years in Nigeria and Uganda during his early career as a wildlife ecologist and livestock specialist, interspersed with several years in charge of various Highland estates and a period of working with Scottish Natural Heritage.

His acute analytical mind and pragmatic approach to problem solving have proved invaluable to Room 13 International. Just as important is his innate understanding of the necessary connections between people and the land, and his experience of working effectively with remote communities.

“Although I have spent much of my life in remote places, my great interest apart from the outdoors has always been in music and the arts.  Room 13 has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to further that interest and hopefully provide some support to an organisation that has the potential do a huge amount of good for children across the globe.”

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