Get Involved!

The network of Room 13 studios has evolved as a grassroots movement amongst artists, young people, creative people, schools and communities. Room 13 studios exist in a variety of locations worldwide. They rely heavily on self-motivated individuals, are largely self-organised and an array of structures have developed; from full-time dedicated studios with an artist-in-residence to after-school sessions in community settings led by volunteer parents or visiting artists.

Many people around the world continue to be inspired by Room 13 and are motivated to put the concept into action in their own schools and communities. In 2017, we received over 80 new enquiries from individuals, schools and communities representing 20 countries, requesting information and assistance in setting up Room 13 studios.

As the home of the original Room 13 studio, Caol is the touchstone of our international network. Since moving into new purpose built studios on Caol joint campus in 2016, Room 13 Caol has been developing as a community facility.  Our work here provides a model for creative and entrepreneurial education that engages children and young people in primary schools, remaining accessible to them as they move into secondary and further education.

How can we help you?

The small team based in Room 13 Studios, Caol, Scotland are responsible for delivering the work of Room 13 locally as well overseeing international developments and are frequently overwhelmed by the volume of enquiries and requests from all corners of the world.

We are always happy to connect with schools or artists who are interested in getting involved in Room 13, and hope that we may continue to inspire people to use their initiative and take creative and enterprising ideas forward in their own community. We love to hear about the ways in which Room 13 has inspired people and welcome news of creative projects and initiatives coming to life around the world. We have laid out the best advice we can offer to help you Grow your Own Room 13.  Unfortunately we are unable to respond to individual enquiries at the moment.

How can you help us?

You can e-mail us if you would to be added to our mailing list of contacts for new and potential studios. This means we will keep you informed of any resources or opportunities as they arise. Your e-mails also help to demonstrate that Room 13 is in high demand, which will boost our fundraising and case for greater support!

We are keen to build our network of supporters so that in the future we will be able to develop new resources and opportunities for those who wish to be involved, to better share the benefit of our experience and grow a worldwide community of artists and educators.

We hope that that Room 13 International may be properly resourced to do this in future. We accept donations and welcome approaches from individuals and organisations who may be able to help and support us.