Grow Your Own Room 13

Room 13 studios exist in all types of schools and in community centres. In an empty classroom, in a shed or even on the street! You can set up a Room 13 wherever there is space for people to come together to think and practice art.

It’s easy to get started, all you need is space, time, a bit of imagination and plenty of determination. All of which are free! Most people who are interested in starting up a Room 13 have lots of questions about how to go about it, and of course it is always handy to have a bit of guidance from others who have experience of the process.

We are working on drawing together some simple advice and resources to help new studios get started. In the meantime, we encourage you to:

1. Explore the options – where do you see the best potential for Room 13 in your community? What can you do to put some of what has inspired you about Room 13 into action? Talk to other people about your ideas and try to get support for what you would like to do. Take the initiative – apply your creativity and see what happens!

2. Do your research – read up as much as you can to understand Room 13 and figure out how it might work for you. Browse the archive, try to find current examples of studios sharing their work and practice online or arrange to visit one of the established studios. Our studios receive a lot of visitors! Many will offer open days or opportunities for interested people to engage with them and learn more.

3. Get started – don’t let yourself get stalled by all the unanswered questions you have. Focus on what you have rather than what you need. Start small, start simple but do make a start and see what happens. 

4. Keep in touch – let us know about your prospective new Room 13 studio or project. We get a lot of enquiries every day, so it is really helpful if you do a bit of groundwork first. We can offer much more constructive help and advice to those who have followed the steps above and have some ideas and possibilities for their studio.

Remember, the children of Caol Primary set up the original Room 13 purely on their own initiative! As the idea has spread around the world, there are now plenty of examples to look at for inspiration. We will do our best to collect and share these examples here and on our facebook page. In the meantime we encourage you to go for it! Good luck and have fun.