The Friday List

The Friday list is a Room 13 tradition that dates back to the project’s origins in Caol Primary School. At the end of each week, a number of the most hard working and motivated young artists or studio managers would be nominated for the Friday list. The list was passed to the Primary 7 class teacher and come Friday morning, those nominated would spend all day in Room 13!

Our Friday list, reinvented for the 21st Century, highlights the efforts of motivated volunteers across the worldwide network. These are just some of the people who have taken up Room 13 in their own way and their efforts demonstrate many of the ways it is possible to get involved.

Benaifer Patell

Benaifer Patell has been a champion for Room 13 since 2008, when she helped introduce Room 13 to a number of schools in Tower Hamlets, east London. She has continued to be an active supporter, securing donations and support from her company, Blackrock, and getting involved personally wherever possible. Ben accompanied a group from Room 13 Old Ford to Room 13 International Summer School in 2010! Recently she has been providing hands on help for the studio through her company volunteering scheme and organising opportunities for local studios to show and sell their work in Blackrock offices.

Shela Ann Ryan

Shela Ann Ryan will do anything to support and encourage the young people she works with as leader of Caol Youth Centre’s Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. She approached Room 13 in 2011 to develop an art project that would help the young people tackle the issues around bullying in a creative and sensitive way. The Respect Me art project made a big impact in the community, and provided a major boost the confidence and skills of the young people involved. It is thanks to Shela’s enthusiasm and support that Caol Youth Centre is now home to a new community studio and a Room 13 Artist in Residence.

Rajiv Nepali

Rajiv Nepali is driving force behind the expansion of Room 13 in Nepal. He came across Room 13 in HCMC Orphanage, Kathmandu in 2006 and saw it as the perfect programme to motivate the youth. Thanks to Rajiv’s passion and creativity, Room 13 HCMC expanded beyond visual arts, to host both football team and a band! A former professional football player, Rajiv returned to his native Nepal from Germany and started working with Shanti Griha to develop infra-structure and training programmes for village communities. He saw the combination of arts and enterprise as a great opportunity to help develop creativity, skills and confidence among the village youth, and began to introduce Room 13 in many villages.