Room 13 Community Studio hosting Odd Numbers Project 7th/8th Feb


This weekend, Room 13 Community Studio will host a temporary exhibition and workshop which will recreate the experience of the Odd Numbers project.  Members of the community are invited to participate in the building and creation of a structure, which will be mainly made from reclaimed/salvaged materials.  The building of this pavilion will be led and supervised by Lee Ivett, a qualified architect who teaches at in the Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art, and who is also the project leader for the Love Milton project, which is a partner in Remaking Society.

Participants will be invited to ‘adopt’ a ceramic creature for a short time and then return it, having made a creative response.
In this way the community of Caol will go through the three stages of Odd Numbers that the community of Milton has participated in – choose a creature, own/possess/document it, then make a creative response;  all of these will be exhibited in the pavilion on the final day.

Construction begins on Friday 7th Feb and the event will conclude with a public seminar led by the University of the West of Scotland’s Artist Teacher programme on Saturday 8th Feb.
This seminar will consider the pedagogical implications of the Odd Numbers project. Creative or merely curious individuals of all ages are welcome to come along at any point to construct, create, watch or listen.

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