Room 13 Beatrice Tate

Resident Artist(s): Emma Conder
Main Studio Artform: Visual Arts


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Beatrice Tate School in Tower Hamlets, East London, is a school for young people who have learning difficulties. Since 2009 they have been running their own Room 13.

In Room 13, students are able to express themselves through art.

The studio provides an environment for different forms of social engagement, helping to build communication skills and confidence. The young artists are also greatly inspired and stimulated by people and places outside of their normal environment. Showing their work outside the school, selling their greetings cards to business people and engaging with the wider community helps break down barriers and build an understanding of differences.

As well as working with young people, Room 13 Beatrice Tate also seeks to involve the wider community.

As well as inviting participation from family and friends, the studio has developed links with local pensioners’ art group.
Room 13 Beatrice Tate has received funding from Shadwell Trust to develop a project to run creative workshops for people of all ages, linking local groups that would not otherwise have the opportunity to meet.

In their own words:

“For young people who require a certain level of support in their day to day lives, it is very important that they also get the opportunity to be independent, make choices, and are offered different outlets to express themselves. Room 13 enables them to benefit from facilities, social activities, work experience, transport, training, meeting new people, trying new things and taking risks.”

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