Room 13 Botswana

Main Studio Artform: Visual arts, music, drama


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During 2010/11, Room 13 was introduced in Botswana as part of a project which explored the potential for Room 13 studios to provide support and empowerment to children suffering the effects of HIV / AIDS.

Here, the Room 13 studios initiated in schools and community centres would act as a catalyst for self driven behaviour change in children and youths. As well as offering an expressive outlet for children, the studios would enable access to counselling, HIV education and prevention support.
This was a pilot project, which was supported by Non-State Actors Capacity Building programme financed by the European Union. During the project period, our visiting artists were able to lay the groundwork for a network of studios in Botswana.
Room 13 International is working to develop links with community organisations in Botswana to provide ongoing support for these fledgling studios.

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