Room 13 Lochyside

Resident Artist(s): Rob Fairley
Main Studio Artform: Painting, sculpture and soundwork


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Room 13 Lochyside was established in 2002, when the management team at Caol decided to expand the project to other schools in the Fort William area.

Lochyside Primary was keen to set up a Room 13, and students and staff enthusiastically embraced the project. Room 13 Lochyside followed the model of the original, and quickly established itself as a successful studio in its own right.

In their own words:

“Being part of the worldwide network of Room 13 is great! It has helped people in different schools learn more about different cultures and understand more about life in different parts of the world other than just reading about it in text books. A good thing about Room 13 is that it gives us and the other young people that are involved with it a lot of unusual opportunities.

In our Room 13 we talk about philosophy a lot and this leads to a lot of debating about things. You get freedom of speech and there is not any particular subject that you have to do, you can just do whatever you’re interested in.

We raise money by selling things, like our own products and things we have bought. We take the school photos every year and we take on commissions.”

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News from Room 13 Lochyside


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Creativity = Capital Room 13 Presentation at Scottish Parliament

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This is Our Faith

Artists of Room 13 Lochyside created an installation for a service in St Columbus Cathedral. The piece consisted of nine crosses cut and sanded by hand, painted and finished with gold leaf and stencilled with words relating to the faith. … Continue reading