Room 13 Foshay

Resident Artist(s): Kathia Dungplata


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The first Room 13 in the USA opened in James A. Foshay Learning Centre, a public school in South Central Los Angeles, in 2008.

Room 13 Foshay caters for more than 170 student artists, aged between 10 and 18, who share a multi-media studio with a professional fine artist, Kathia Dungplata. A core team of students run and finance the studio, raising money to pay for supplies and employ the Artist in Residence.

Room 13 Foshay operates as an incubator for original, creative learning and problem solving.

It’s a place where professional artists can inspire and mentor young artists while at the same time being re-energised by the young artists’ creativity. Room 13 Foshay is proud to present a viable model for art programmes at a time of reduced funding.

The young artists and studio managers work hard and take every opportunity to promote their studio. They sell their original work at many venues, including local farmers’ markets and fundraisers, festivals, exhibitions and cultural events. They take on all sorts of creative projects, commissions and collaborations.

Room 13 Foshay is supported by many organisations in the business, arts education and non-profit sector including TBWA\Chiat\Day, Contemporary Art Start, a Neighborhood Academic Initiative of the University of Southern California, and Light Bringer Project.

In their own words:

“We are artists who represent the Los Angeles of today – young, bold, expressive, inclusive, multi-racial, creative. We are accomplished public representatives, not afraid to interact with people, artists and companies of all shapes and sizes.

We want involve more artists, and businesses, from Los Angeles and around the world, in collaborations to raise money and awareness. We want them to take advantage of the opportunity to inspire, mentor and create with us. Also we want to share the Room 13 model with other schools and artists to join us in building the network of studios.”

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