Room 13 Hythehill

Resident Artist(s): Morag Christie
Main Studio Artform: Visual Arts


Hythehill Primary School in Lossiemouth, on the Moray coast in the north of Scotland, set up their Room 13 in 2010.

Many of the school’s clubs and activities were aimed at the older pupils, and staff saw Room 13 as an opportunity to offer something for younger children. One of the parents offered her services as a volunteer Artist in Residence, and before long Room 13 Hythehill was up and running.
The weekly art sessions are conducted with much enthusiasm from everyone involved. The participants enjoy exploring all sorts of creative techniques and take every opportunity to get involved in school and community events. Room 13 is popular with the younger children, with the older ones clamouring to be involved. The Artist in Residence can now call upon plenty of willing ‘helpers’ to assist her in running each session!