Room 13 John Muir

Resident Artist(s): Mri Scott ElBey
Main Studio Artform: Visual Arts


Room 13 John Muir found its home in an empty bungalow on the John Muir High School campus. It was established in 2010, joining the network of studios in Pasadena supported by Lightbringer Project.

Taking up residence in a near-derelict building, Room 13 John Muir began to forge their way forward. Starting from scratch with an empty room, they have furnished their studio with donations from local community and businesses – everything from tables and chairs to a grand piano!

As the studio became established, more and more artists began to inhabit the space and the work began to develop, aided by donations of materials from the local community.

Now the studio is home to around seventeen regular artists, and a handful of visiting artists during studio hours. The business side is underway as the team develop their own enterprising initiatives, and raise the profile and experience of their studio by participating in workshops, exhibitions and events.

Room 13 John Muir is supported by Lightbringer Project and the Flintridge Center.

In their own words:

“Room 13 John Muir is growing steadily. Each session we are getting more artists into the studio and some amazing work is being created.”