Room 13 Kwa Cutshwayo Primary

Resident Artist(s): Paul Sibisi


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Kwa Cutshwayo Primary School, in Kwa Zulu Natal province, South Africa introduced Room 13 in 2008 as part of an initiative by TBWA\ South Africa to establish Room 13 in every province.

Since the Room 13 project has been introduced, the learners have been able to explore a wide variety of materials and creative processes. Mural painting, drawing and painting techniques, three-dimensional work, paper mache, and using plastic and waste materials to create original work.
Artwork from Room 13 Kwa Cutshwayo has been awarded prizes in regional art competitions, and other pieces have been selected for exhibition in Johannesburg and the 2009 Room 13 exhibition at the National Galleries of Scotland. The studio regularly complete commissions, design and sell cards and other products, take part in festivals, exhibitions and community events and make use of connections with other Room 13 studios in their region and across the South African studio network. The studio also excels at drama and performance and students have produced a play entitled ‘Masisukume Sakhe’ meaning ‘Let’s Stand up and Build Our Future.’

In their own words:

“Art is for everyone, art is something everyone can enjoy. It is not for the rich or the few and it is not for especially talented people. With Room 13 we have discovered what art may be: fun, happy, decorative, strange, peaceful, intricate and story telling.”

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