Room 13 Sapebuso Primary

Resident Artist(s): John Vusi Mfupi
Main Studio Artform: Visual Arts


featured image for Room 13 Sapebuso Primary

Sapebuso Primary School, Soweto, was one of the first schools to adopt Room 13 when the project was introduced to South Africa in 2006.

As one of the longest established Room 13 studios in South Africa, Room 13 Sapebuso acts as a model for other studios in the region. They work hard to maintain a high standard in their creative work and receive many important and curious visitors.
The studio has featured in local and national newspapers and been the subject of a programme produced by the South African Broadcasting Corporation. Since Room 13 became established in the school, Sapebuso has seen a tremendous rise in the number of learners and the school has had the opportunity to develop as a result. They have established a gallery on the premises to showcase their work, and host many workshops run by visiting artists.

In their own words:

“Thanks to Room 13 and the ongoing support from TBWA\ and other agencies, it is now normal for Sapebuso’s young artists to visit galleries, museums and artists’ studios.”

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