Room 13 Caol

Resident Artist(s): Richard Bracken
Main Studio Artform: Visual Arts


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The original Room 13!

Room 13 Caol Primary School enjoys its status as the longest established Room 13 studio in the world. Since its beginnings in 1994, Room 13 Caol has been host to four different adult Artists in Residence, along with generations of young artists who have grown up with Room 13. The studio is a well established part of school life.

What started as a short-term artist’s residency became a long term collaboration between ‘artists of all ages’.

Over these unique and exciting years, artists from Room 13 Caol have: experimented, painted, sculpted, written, typed, looked, reacted intuitively, planned, thought, produced quality artwork, produced not-so-quality artwork, bought A LOT of paint, visited exhibitions, curated exhibitions, visited Nepal, climbed Cairngorm from sea-level, spilt paint, asked difficult questions, asked silly questions, visited South Africa, lost the scissors, won competitions, taken lots of photographs, applied for grants, surprised people, made people think, written cheques, given presentations, welcomed visitors, looked out the window at the remarkable and ever-changing view, examined the floor, cleaned the sink, and looked forward to coming to Room 13 again the next day.

In their own words:

“Room 13 Caol continues to function at a high level; in 2012 we have selected work for a retrospective exhibition of studio artwork, presented at a Room 13 Seminar day for the University of the West of Scotland, run a mini-studio at the Creative Fort William event in the Ben Nevis Distillery, travelled to Glasgow and back as part of research for a project, welcomed groups of visitors to our studio, including students from America and England as well as Members of the Scottish Parliament and the British Council.  And we’re only half way through the year!”

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News from Room 13 Caol


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