Room 13 Turkey

Resident Artist(s): Umran Girbiyanoglu
Main Studio Artform: Visual Arts and Music


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Room 13 Sanat Atolyesi

Sanat Atolyesi School in eastern Turkey is 70km from the ancient city of Mardin. After Sanat Atolyesi opened a new school building, the old one was left vacant next door. This building became home to Room 13 in 2007.

Room 13 Sanat Atolyesi is open five days a week, and the room is used by 400 children. The responsibility for running Room 13 lies with the Artist in Residence, Umran Girbiyanoglu, and students. Together they manage the utilities, handle the paperwork and permits to allow the artistic workshops to take place in school grounds and keep the place clean and in good order. Jobs like making shelves, fixing things and repairing the roof form part of the Room 13 project. Funds are very limited, so it is necessary to seek creative solutions using natural materials. This leads to the development of creative and practical skills as well as building a strong sense of ownership for Room 13.

The studio supports a vast spectrum of creative activities, including visual art pieces made from recycled materials, poetry, theatre (acting and writing), guitar lessons, wood carving, and digital photo and film work.

Room 13 Sanat Atolyesi is supported by TBWA\ Istanbul, who have helped with communication and by providing cameras and creative workshops.

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