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Room 13 Studios Caol – Artist Opportunity

Artist Wanted

Room 13 is looking for an experienced artist to join our team to deliver part of Generation Creative, our project funded by the Big Lottery Young Start fund.

The successful candidate will travel to, and work creatively with, local secondary schools to promote the work of Room 13 and encourage visits to our studio facilities.

215 hours between September – December 2018.  Deadline: Friday 17th August 2018

Click here for details.

Work With Room 13! Micro-Projects Invitation…


ArtistsIMAGE.StudioAssistants_28 wanted! 

We’re inviting proposals for micro-projects to complement our programme of studio activity.  This is a great opportunity for Lochaber-based artists who would like to develop their practice with young artists and learn more about working with Room 13.

Proposals for micro-projects (around 3 days in total) might focus on exploring an idea, a particular approach to a material or, responding in some way to the current theme being explored in the studio – ‘Utopia’.

Up to 4 artists will work in collaboration with the lead artist at Room 13 Studios Caol, Richard Bracken, to develop their micro-project ideas.

Deadline: Thursday 12th April at 17.00 hours

To apply please download the information from here or email info@room13international.org for more details.

Room 13 is 21!

On 30th April 2015, we will be celebrating 21 years since the children of Caol Primary School founded their own art studio. Since 1994, successive groups of young people have kept the studio running without ever falling behind with their class work. Working with 4 different adult Artists in Residence over 21 years, generations of children at Caol Primary School have achieved truly remarkable things.

They have mounted exhibitions in Tate Modern, The National Galleries of Scotland and the Irish Museum of Modern Art. They have commandeered a global company’s corporate social responsibility programme with an ambitious plan to bring creativity to under privileged children throughout the world. They have raised funds to travel the world, and to employ adults to run a global operation on their behalf. They have taken thousands of photographs, sent millions of e-mails, hosted hundreds of visitors. They have even, on occasion, found time to clean the studio sink.


Out of this first Room 13, our worldwide network of studios has grown. The charity, Room 13 International was set up to support a worldwide community of art studios run and managed by the people that use them. Room 13 studios now exist in a range of school and community settings across Scotland and throughout the world.

Celebrating Room 13’s 21st Birthday, we will be joined by members of the current Room 13 studio management team, along with members of the Caol Primary School community, and hopefully some familiar faces from years gone by.

Room 13 21st Birthday Celebration 3 – 6pm Thursday 30th April 2015

Hosted by Room 13 International, Unit 1, Glenloy Street, Caol, Fort William, Scotland, PH33 7DR

Postcards from Scotland

Schooling Scotland: Education, Equity & Community, by Daniel Murphy, book 7 in the ‘Postcards from Scotland’ series, will be launched this evening in Glasgow. The book features a chapter on Room 13!

‘Postcards from Scotland’ – a series of small books relevant to Scotland but also about the big issues of our time – is a collaboration between Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing and Argyll Publishing.

Postcards from Scotland aims to help develop new thinking in a readable and accessible format and publicise, to a much greater audience, some of the projects in Scotland which are already aiming to help bring about a new way of living.

Visit the Postcards from Scotland website for more information or to buy any of these fascinating and insightful books.

The webpage contains a link to Daniel Murphys’ Tour Journal in full, which includes a detailed description of his visit to Room 13 Caol. Jump to page 29 for Room 13, or browse the full document to find out about a range of other inspirational schools across Scotland.

Room 13 Summer Studio 2013

Room 13 Community Studio in Caol was the focal point for our 2013 summer programme. which included Portfolio Preparation for senior school pupils, workshops for Very Young Artists and popular afternoon studio sessions for artists of all levels of experience and ability.

There was drawing, painting, construction, wood, wire, looking, thinking, talking, photography, glitter, poetry, printmaking, sculpting, discovery, hilarity, collaboration, mystification, exploration and questions. Lots of questions.  A good time was had by all.

Browse photos of the fun and interesting happenings at Room 13 Summer Studio 2013.

More photos here on our Facebook page.


Former Room 13 MD Rocks at Business!

Check out Becks Cosmetics, just one of the successful companies set up by Becks Macdougall, who started her career aged 11 as Managing Director of Room 13 Caol!

Easter Taster Sessions

Here at Room 13 CYC we have some taster sessions that are running from the 5th to the 7th of April.

Firstly we are catering to the “Very Young Artists” out there (Ages 5-8). This is already a very popular workshop that gives a chance for an afternoon session with one of our talented resident artists. Come along for a fun filled, creative afternoon over here at Caol Youth Centre on the 5th April from 2:00pm till 4:00pm.

Next up we have the very aptly named studio session “Working with.. Stuff” (Ages 9-100). Take a guess what we’ll be doing? We’ll be spending an afternoon with local sculptor Richard Bracken who will lead and assist us with the tools and techniques needed to create our very own work of art. I can’t guarantee that it will be worth millions but you never know what will happen. There’s also the opportunity take advantage of the studio and the wide range of random.. stuff that fills our walls. This is taking place here at Caol Youth Centre on the 6th April for 1:00 pm and finishes around 4:00pm.

“Drawing with Confidence” is our last studio session that’s held here at the youth centre on the 7th April (Ages 16+). This workshop is brilliant for those who are thinking about furthering their arts careers and want to explore different methods of drawing and basically, build your confidence with mark making. But you don’t have to be “good at art” whatever that means, to come along – just keen. From 1:00pm till 4:00pm.



My Creative Fort William

Room 13 Caol organised an interactive open studio & art installation at My Creative Fort William launch event.

View photos of this event on facebook

Room 13 Caol Retrospective

Room 13 Caol presents a retrospective spanning nearly 2 decades. This exhibition at Caol Youth Centre features a selection of artwork produced in Room 13 Caol from its earliest days right up to the present. The earliest works on show are photographic pieces attributed to Caol Camera Club, whilst the most recent were brought into existance only in recent weeks.