Vote to secure LA Futures

 L.A. Futures has been selected by the LA 2050 Challenge to compete for a $100,000 grant award!

Public school youth face tremendous challenges entering the professional workforce. Lightbringer project have been working to advance high school youth into college and careers with their LA Futures programme. This is a work-based learning program which partners public schools with major creative companies to prepare students for success in college and beyond.

L.A. Futures emboldens classroom learning by learning and life skill experiences with industry professionals in the classroom and at their places of work. Theory and principles are translated into real-world practices as students connect acquired knowledge with the needs and expectation of the workplace. Through L.A. Futures students make the connection between college and career and become workforce ready.

By helping them win this funding, we can make sure that future generations are supported to achieve their creative aspirations.

It’s simple. Just CLICK on the link and Vote:

Every vote really counts towards their goal so please VOTE NOW AND SHARE this with all your friends!

LA Futures learning programme, delivered by Lightbringer Project

Room 13 International works closely with Lightbringer Project to support and develop the Room 13 studio network. Please take 2 minutes to vote and support our friends in this worthwhile venture!

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