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We are delighted that Room 13 continues to inspire people to take forward creative and enterprising ideas in their own schools and communities. We love to hear about the ways in which Room 13 has inspired people and welcome news of creative projects and initiatives coming to life around the world.

Unfortunately we are overwhelmed by the volume of enquiries and requests from all corners of the world and are unable to respond to individual enquiries at the moment.

You can use the form to the right or e-mail us if you would to be added to our mailing list of contacts for new and developing studios. This means we will keep you informed of any new resources or opportunities that you may find useful. Your messages also help to demonstrate that Room 13 is in high demand, which will boost our fundraising and case for greater support!

We hope that in the future Room 13 International will be properly resourced and better able to share the benefit of our experience and help grow a worldwide community of artists and educators.

We accept donations and welcome approaches from individuals and organisations who may be able to help and support us.


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We have moved! We will post details of our new address shortly. For now please contact us by e-mail to let us know if you would like to send us something. Thank you!


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