The Room 13 sketchbook is a mix of ideas, sketches, and completed projects that is aimed to inspire you.

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Smartphone Screenprint

——– came up with an idea to produce an image of a tablet with a blank screen that could be drawn into.  After talking to me about it we thought it could be an interesting product that we could sell at one of the making days.  ——– took care to draw in the keys in the right order before I suggested that the keys could spell out an instruction like ‘draw your own image in the screen’.  She didn’t like the idea but decided she would poll everyone else in the room as to whether they preferred hers or mine.  She ended up deciding that mine was a good idea and that she would go with that. She also produced several quick, gestural line drawings in a range of media (all black, eg charcoal, pastel, paint) of smartphones and tablets.  She worked hard to cut these out to produce an image easily translatable to screenprinting.’

Extract from Studio Logbook, Room 13 Caol, Feb 2017

AiR Richard Bracken

Creativity = Currency

We came across this piece of writing on Joseph Beuys and thought that; at it’s core, this is exactly what we’re trying to promote here at Room 13. His famous quote “Everybody is an artist” is the kind of thinking we try to advocate. Creativity = Capital is used as the slogan for his radical ideas and backs his revolutionary way of thinking that art, should be, a form of currency in his view on the new world he tried to shape.

Drawing, Walking and Other Lines

An artists expedition on Caol shore with Richard Bracken and young artists from Room 13 Caol. “The shore is an interesting part of the world that is full of lines. Lines exist in many forms, from those you can see, to those you can’t. Some of them change and move, while some stay the same. We can make new lines while there are some lines that we just can’t cross.”

Check out some more photos of this happening on our facebook page.

What is Art?

In a workshop at Room 13 Community Studio in Caol we explored the age old question ‘What is Art?’

Our panel of experts* came to the following conclusions:

Art is interesting to look at.

Art moves the viewer.

Art shows skill.

Art reflects the artists intention.

Art shows consideration and thought – it makes us ask why the artist did it?

Art is different from daily life.

Art has been made to be art – it is something.

Art reflects an experience of the world or the artists unique view of it.

Art leaves the viewer to make decisions.


Let’s Get the Ball Rolling…

Installation of artwork by Sarah Hughes, created in collaboration with Room 13 community studio users of all ages, in Caol, Fort William.

The audience at My Creative launch event loved inter-acting with this tactile piece!


Underpass Project

The Fort William Underpass Artwork Project is a unique piece of public art reflecting the best of what Fort William has to offer – our history and culture, music, sport and the splendour of the local landscape. The work was created in a series of workshops and open studio sessions lead by Room 13 International, as part of a unique community art project which involved many local people of every generation.

The redevelopment of Fort William Underpass was one element of the ‘Routes West’ regeneration scheme funded by The Scottish Government Town Centre Regeneration Fund, The Highland Council, Highland & Islands Enterprise and LEADER+.

Siva’s Self Portrait

Siva’s Self Portrait is a collection of photos documenting an artist at work. Self Portrait by Sivashaktivel, of Room 13 Shikshayatan. Created at Room 13 International Summer School 2009, Strontian, Scotland.

Colour is born

This is a behind the scenes look at how Dentsu created an indulgently rich and colourful ad for Canon Pixma. The end result looks amazing but the concept is based on a simple idea consisting of latex being stretched across a stereo speaker that has paint drops position on top of it, surround this with creatives wealding high spec cameras and equipment and POW a mouthwatering landscape of colour is born.