Smartphone Screenprint

——– came up with an idea to produce an image of a tablet with a blank screen that could be drawn into.  After talking to me about it we thought it could be an interesting product that we could sell at one of the making days.  ——– took care to draw in the keys in the right order before I suggested that the keys could spell out an instruction like ‘draw your own image in the screen’.  She didn’t like the idea but decided she would poll everyone else in the room as to whether they preferred hers or mine.  She ended up deciding that mine was a good idea and that she would go with that. She also produced several quick, gestural line drawings in a range of media (all black, eg charcoal, pastel, paint) of smartphones and tablets.  She worked hard to cut these out to produce an image easily translatable to screenprinting.’

Extract from Studio Logbook, Room 13 Caol, Feb 2017

AiR Richard Bracken

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