Room 13 Dargle

Resident Artist(s): Dumisani Hlanganani
Main Studio Artform: Visual Arts, poetry, performance


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Room 13 started in Dargle Primary School, Kwa Zulu Natal midlands, South Africa in June 2008, as part of an initiative by TBWA\ South Africa to establish Room 13 in every province.

The team from Room 13 Dargle took inspiration from a visit to Johannesburg, where they met artists, educators and learners from other provinces, and learned about the possibilities of Room 13.
They returned ready to work hard to launch their own studio. A management team was formed and began to come up with ideas and explore the prospects for fundraising in their own community.
They found their art and craft much appreciated by the community and galleries and began to earn regular income by showing at art fairs and flea markets. Like other Room 13s they have been successful in regional competitions.

In their own words:

“At Room 13 Dargle we have hard working committee members who do many things together. We do our best to show our talent and share the knowledge we have with other learners. We use all our power to make our work better and we sell and make money for our Room 13.

Collage, painting, beadwork, drawing techniques, ceramic and sculpture are the most significant studies in our Room 13.”

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