Room 13 Dillsboro

Resident Artist(s): Thomas Maltbie


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Room 13 Dillsboro is sponsored by the Dillsboro Community Food Pantry, a non-profit social service agency.

The studios are housed in several rooms in one of the buildings owned by the Food Pantry. Room 13 Dillsboro began in April 2011 with about 12 young artists. It is run as an after-school program, with the young artists coming from the local school one day each week.

Artist in Residence Thomas Maltbie is a public school teacher, a potter and glass artist, currently working in kiln-formed glass. A local painter, Rebecca Davies, is also associated with Room 13.

In their own words:

Room 13 Dillsboro is still a work in progress. The studios are evolving;  painting and drawing studios are often busy, and the glass fusing studio is gaining in popularity. A clay studio will open soon. We are fortunate to have a clean gallery space for showing new work to the public.

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