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Room 13 Fingal ~ Ireland

We are pleased to share news of 2 new Room 13 studio start-ups in the Republic of Ireland, supported by Fingal County Council Arts Office.

Room 13~Scoil BhrídeCailíníNational School and Room 13~Tyrrelstown Educate Together National School in Dublin 15 are the first Room 13 studios to open in the Republic of Ireland.

The studio doors were opened for the first time with great excitement in November 2014 with artists Orla Kelly and Anne Cradden. Each artist is working as artist-in-residence in their respective schools, invited by the students,schools and Fingal Arts Office.

By now, both studios are evolving organically and are informed by the students’ line of inquiry. The studios are open five days a week and currently have ages 6-12 sharing the facilities. However the 10-12 year age group are lead protagonists, taking responsibility for directing the studios’ evolution. The studios are in the early stages of development, but they have made a commendable difference in the lives of many already. The students are very proud of their art studios and would choose to work there all day given the choice!

Room 13 Fingal Image1

Some of the key people involved in these 2 new studios explain in their own words what Room 13 means to them:

Room 13~Scoil Bhríde Cailíní Students:

‘If you drop some paint on the floor it’s not a big deal, it’s easier to work when you’re not worried about being clean.’

‘I feel very lucky to have an artist in our school.’

‘The art studio is a freezone.’

‘We get to try different styles of art that we’ve never seen, tried or heard of before.’

‘Room 13 is different, it is a room for art and it’s messy.’

‘It’s not like a classroom.’

‘You get to use lots of art materials and you can work on any art project you want.

‘Sometimes it’s challenging, once I had to go and use the hot glue and Orla was there to rescue me!

Orla Kelly,Artist in Residence, Room 13~Scoil Bhríde Cailíní:

‘I am a contemporary artist working presently with painting and drawing. On a regular day I can have about 20 drop in visitors to my shared studio space in Scoil Bhríde Cailíní to see what I am working on, to chat about art, materials, constructing and engineering, or just to give a hug. It’s not a regular studio environment, as the average age of those I share with are 8-11 years old but it is a perfectly dynamic and rich one,  offering daily crits, posing meaningful aesthetic challenges, providing an enthusiastic and vocal audience for developing work.

The studio is almost always an ordered mess which is perfectly fine. After we visited Francis Bacon’s studio at The Hugh Lane Gallery on one of our cultural visits, we agreed that sometimes a certain amount of chaos is required for creating, although we didn’t want to reach his level just yet. When the young artists and I work together in the space we usually do so on the floor. It means we are all on the same level, investigating together. The conversations we share are a mixture of student –teacher technical inquiry, philosophical wonderings, aesthetic meanderings probing the nature of the arts and life. It is a generous and honest environment.’

Room 13 Fingal Image5

Room 13~Tyrrelstown Educate Together NS Students:

‘Room 13 is not an ordinary place’

‘It’s a place in our school with an artist’

‘The studio is having an Art Mart…we will be making our own art…and selling it and use the money to buy more art stuff like paint, fabric, paper’

‘Room 13 is a place where you can express your feelings’

‘I think about art in a different way now’

Anne Cradden, Artist in Residence, Room 13~Tyrrelstown Educate Together National School

Room 13 has been a revelation for me. At the start, I thought that helping the students with their investigations and then doing my own work in sculpture and drawing would be two entirely separate strands of the same project. However, the fact that we work side by side has meant that an incredibly dynamic creative environment has developed, where I believe the students’ approach to art making, and my own, have evolved and changed at a fundamental level. We have been working with an emphasis on experimentation and process rather than on “the end result,” and I have been amazed not only by the work the students have produced but also the important and exciting issues that come up in the studio, such as the value of contemporary art, the intersection between art and science, and the meaning of beauty. However, Room 13 has also fundamentally changed how I produce my own work. On one level, being able to use the school building for temporary sculptural installations has been incredibly inspiring. More importantly, sharing the studio with the young artists has meant that constant consultation and discussion with them has become the norm for me, and now I find their input, their unique perspective, and their practical help invaluable.

Julie Clarke, Fingal Arts Office:

‘The children are more than capable of generating their own ideas in the studio; our role as the involved adults is to build the capacity of the children to explore, invent, experiment and realise their ideas. The studio is a hub of creative activity, where amazing conversations and creative exchange takes place on a daily basis. The senior students (5th&6th) are gaining an understanding in to my work in Fingal Arts Office and the important role played by organisations and individuals providing contexts within which art can be made, shared and received. For some students this is an exciting element of the studio programme, and for others the art making is more exciting. Wherever their interest lies, there is an important role for everyone who wants to be involved’.

Room 13 ~ Fingal is proudly supported by Fingal County Council Arts Office.

Room 13 Fingal Image6

Creative Place Awards Nominee 2015

Room 13 International is delighted to announce that we are leading the team which has seen Fort William shortlisted for the Creative Place Awards 2015, funded by Creative Scotland.

Since their launch in 2012, the Creative Place Awards have been awarded to smaller communities across Scotland, outside of the main cities, to enable them to enhance and promote the creative activities and programmes in their area. The awards recognise the communities’ ambitions in using the arts for the benefit of both local residents and visitors to their area.

‘Being nominated for the Creative Places award offers a wonderful opportunity for communities in Fort William and the surrounding area to celebrate our environment, mountain culture and native woodland through the planting of trees and the installation of innovative sculptures.’

Richard Bracken, Artist in Residence, Room 13 Caol

Working with the Fort William community, we plan to use the Creative Places award to create a series of interwoven art and arboreal projects, at the heart of which is The Liberty Grove / Doire na Saorsa, planting 1,000 native trees throughout the region. Working with different art forms, from sculpture and poetry to film, we will improve the environment for the entire community, and celebrate the world-renowned landscape of Lochaber in new and innovative ways.

As the lead organisation Room 13 International will co-ordinate a substantial programme of community-led activities, fostering an awareness of biodiversity and appreciation of wilderness, working with local and international artists, poets and storytellers.

Thanks to its inspiring surroundings, and initiatives such as the Fort William Mountain Festival, the town has an iconic status for visitors; now we will enhance and transform its identity, through innovative ecologically-sensitive cultural projects. Working amongst a community consisting of a remarkably strong network of local organisations, including woodland, geology and environmental specialists along with creative and cultural organisations, we will create a grove in which they can share their expertise in outdoor education, ecology and heritage. The Liberty Grove / Doire na Saorsa will prove that the region, and the Highlands as a whole, is supportive of visionary cultural projects integrated within wilderness landscapes.

All shortlisted Creative Place applicants have been asked to submit a second stage application, detailing more information about their project. We will find out if the bid from Fort William has been successful when the award winners are announced at a ceremony on 10 June 2015.

Creative Place Awards Nominee 2015

Fort William – Creative Place Awards Nominee 2015

Highland Youth Arts Forum – 2 Lochaber Representatives needed by 10th July

Are you based in Lochaber (Scotland)? Are you aged 14 – 19?  Interested in the arts?  Interested in finding out what creative projects young people in your area would like to get involved in?  Want to tell the Highland Youth Arts Forum about it?

Room 13 International is looking for 2 young Lochaber people to represent the area at the new Highland Youth Arts Forum which is being set up to lead the development of Highland Youth Arts Hub.

Room 13 International is one of 12 organisations working together to establish a Highland Youth Arts Hub. This is part of a new initiative supported by Creative Scotland which will result in 10 regional youth arts hubs across Scotland.  Representatives from each of the member organisations will meet quarterly to plan and deliver a programme of multi-art form projects and explore new ways of working that will result in stronger partnerships between arts organisations working with young people in the Highlands.  Integral to the programme will be a new youth arts forum comprising young people with interests across a range of art forms and from a wide geographical area. These young people will develop leadership skills, be creative in their communities, consult with their peers, and advocate for the arts.

As this is a new development, details of how the youth arts forum will function and what being a member will entail are likely to be worked out in consultation with the young people themselves in the first meeting.  This is excellent CV stuff and there are good skills to be developed from participating – if you would like to be considered please fill in the form HYAF.APPLICATION-FORM1.JUN14 and send it back to us asap – deadline is 10th July.


Room 13 International
The Hub
30 Fassifern Road
Fort William
Scotland  PH33 6QX

Paper & Printmaking Workshop Series


A series of weekend workshops in Printmaking, Papermaking & Bookbinding.

Best experienced as one course over three weekends, these workshops are designed to give an insight into three related skill sets.  These workshops are available for anyone aged 12 to adult and will take place in the relaxed environment of Room 13 Community Studio in Caol, Lochaber.

Printmaking: 1st & 2nd March                 £58 adult        £38 under 18s

Explore printmaking techniques with visiting artist Sarah Keast. Printmaking is a diverse subject with many skills to master, however, learning just a little can go a long way.  We will look at linocuts, and monoprinting.  Be warned, it can be addictive!

Papermaking: 8th & 9th March               £58 adult        £38 under 18s

Learn how to make paper with recycled materials and naturally occurring materials with Room 13 resident artist Richard Bracken.  This workshop will introduce you to the techniques and allow you to experiment with making your own unique paper.

Bookbinding: 15th  & 16th March            £58 adult        £38 under 18s

Richard Bracken will introduce methods for assembling your own sketchbooks, journals and notepads with just a few simple tools and materials. You will also have the chance to combine all of the skills of printmaking, papermaking and bookbinding during this weekend, giving you, for example, the opportunity to create a book of prints incorporating hand-made paper.

Full course price (all 3 weekends): £160 Adults, £95.00 under 18s

Includes tuition, all materials, and refreshments.

Click here for further information & booking form

Or Contact: info@room13international.org

“People aren’t like Robots!” Exhibition

Room 13 Open Day

We have an open day coming up where you can come by and experience Room 13 by diving right into the middle of it all and see for yourself how a Room 13 works within a school and community environment!

There will be visits to the original Room 13 based in Caol Primary School at regular intervals throughout the day. The artists in residence and managers will be on hand and will happily answer any questions you may have about what really goes on in a Room 13. It will be also a great opportunity to bring up any individual project ideas you may have which are relevant to your community or organisation and you can book a one to one meeting to discuss it further.

Room 13 Open Day, Caol Youth Centre from 11:00am – 3:00pm on the 27th of September.

Come by for the whole day or just drop in for a chat!

Contact: admin@room13internation.org for further details on the day’s events..

Room 13 Summer Studio 2013

Room 13 Community Studio in Caol was the focal point for our 2013 summer programme. which included Portfolio Preparation for senior school pupils, workshops for Very Young Artists and popular afternoon studio sessions for artists of all levels of experience and ability.

There was drawing, painting, construction, wood, wire, looking, thinking, talking, photography, glitter, poetry, printmaking, sculpting, discovery, hilarity, collaboration, mystification, exploration and questions. Lots of questions.  A good time was had by all.

Browse photos of the fun and interesting happenings at Room 13 Summer Studio 2013.

More photos here on our Facebook page.


The Adventures of Room 13 Hareclive…

A project by Shani Ali and Paul Bradley


An exciting new exhibition by the artists of Room 13 Hareclive will feature in Spike Island Open Studios this weekend 4th, 5th and of 6th May, Studios are open 11am – 5pm.

Room 13 Hareclive are also featuring in the Spike Open Programme for working on

‘The wall of no easy answers…if you could ask just one question’

AND a 5 minute slot at Speakers Corner Saturday 4th May at 3pm

Easter Taster Sessions

Here at Room 13 CYC we have some taster sessions that are running from the 5th to the 7th of April.

Firstly we are catering to the “Very Young Artists” out there (Ages 5-8). This is already a very popular workshop that gives a chance for an afternoon session with one of our talented resident artists. Come along for a fun filled, creative afternoon over here at Caol Youth Centre on the 5th April from 2:00pm till 4:00pm.

Next up we have the very aptly named studio session “Working with.. Stuff” (Ages 9-100). Take a guess what we’ll be doing? We’ll be spending an afternoon with local sculptor Richard Bracken who will lead and assist us with the tools and techniques needed to create our very own work of art. I can’t guarantee that it will be worth millions but you never know what will happen. There’s also the opportunity take advantage of the studio and the wide range of random.. stuff that fills our walls. This is taking place here at Caol Youth Centre on the 6th April for 1:00 pm and finishes around 4:00pm.

“Drawing with Confidence” is our last studio session that’s held here at the youth centre on the 7th April (Ages 16+). This workshop is brilliant for those who are thinking about furthering their arts careers and want to explore different methods of drawing and basically, build your confidence with mark making. But you don’t have to be “good at art” whatever that means, to come along – just keen. From 1:00pm till 4:00pm.



InsideOut Project

A new exhibition from Room 13 Community Studio at Caol Youth Centre will feature a series of amazing portraits of local people.

The portraits are part of a global photography project called The Inside Out Project, which aims to transform messages of personal identity into art. The black and white photographic portraits capture the emotions and feelings of the subject to reveal and share untold stories. The aim is to portray the vibrancy of local life and in doing so promote equality and community spirit.

Room 13 Community Studio at Caol Youth Centre is first place in Scotland to participate in this global project, which has seen portraits displayed in more than 100 countries.

Local people had their photos taken by young volunteers at special sessions held in Room 13 Community Studio. A number of these images were then sent off to Inside Out project HQ in the USA where they were printed in large scale, and sent back to Caol Youth Centre to be put on display.

Room 13 Artist in Residence Sarah Hughes co-ordinated the project with support from volunteers from Caol Youth Centre Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Room 13 Artist in Residence Sarah Hughes co-ordinated the project with support from volunteers from Caol Youth Centre Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Sarah said: “It’s terrific for these young people to be the first to bring the Inside Out project to Scotland. We’ve had fantastic support from the local community and lots of people volunteered to have their photos taken. The portraits really capture the richness and diversity of the community in Lochaber. The exhibition looks great and we must thank Allround Signs and the Framing Place for their help with the presentation. I would urge people to go along to one or all of the exhibitions to see these inspiring portraits for themselves.”

The opening of the exhibition will take place at Caol Youth Centre on 18th March. Press viewing from 6pm.

From 18th March, portraits will be on public display at the following locations in Lochaber:

Caol Youth Centre: Large scale portraits will be displayed in the windows of Caol Youth Centre, and more will be exhibited in areas inside the building, including the café bar.

Fort William Underpass: The portraits will be exhibited in the form of bunting, which will be strung between banner posts for passers-by to see.

Kilmallie Free Church: Portraits will be on display in the church and café.

For more information and updates about the project visit:
Room 13 Community Studio www.facebook.com/Room13CommunityStudio
Inside Out Project www.insideoutproject.net

Room 13 Community Studio Project is part financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Highland LEADER 2007-2013 programme.



We now have a gallery of photos up on our facebook page. Go and take a look at the fantastic opening night held at Caol youth centre.