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Notice of AGM & Appointment of Board Directors

Room 13 International is looking to recruit individuals with a range of skills and expertise to serve on our Board of Trustees.

Currently, Room 13 International is working to consolidate our existing provision locally, while also supporting the development of the Room 13 organisation and network. Through operation of our studio facilities in Lochaber, we aim to set the standard for other communities across Highland and provide a framework that can be applied worldwide.

If you think you have the time and skills to assist us in developing the necessary structures to run a worldwide organisation effectively from our Highland base whilst remaining principally artist led, youth powered and promoting strong links with the surrounding community, we would love to hear from you.

Please Click here for more information or come along to our AGM to us find out more.

The Annual General Meeting of the Members of Room 13 International will take place at 4pm on Tuesday 4thApril at Room 13 Studios, Caol Community Centre, Glenkingie St, Caol, Fort William, PH33 7DS


Tribute to Frances Gough


Room 13 International would like to pay tribute to Frances Gough, teacher and exceptional human being, who died on 31 December 2013 after a short illness.

Frances was Principle Teacher of Additional Support Needs at Castle Douglas Primary, prior to that she worked at Caol Primary School where, among other things, she became an active and enthusiastic advocate of Room 13.

She continues to be remembered with fondness by her colleagues and the many, many young people whose lives were touched by her fun and caring spirit.

In my working years, I have never met a teacher who had such a deep and caring understanding of the needs of our pupils as Frances. It was a privilege to work with her and to be inspired by her tenacity, care and intelligence

Mrs McGrachen, Speech and Language Therapist

Putting people at ease, enabling communication and allowing the expression of individuality to flow naturally was one of her great strengths and nowhere was this more valuable than in her work with Room 13.

Frances was part of the team that travelled to South Africa in April 2005, to help set up the first Room 13 studios in the region. She was not phased by the challenge of communicating across cultural boundaries and languages. How to you break the ice with 600 well drilled, exquisitely behaved, polite, respectful and immaculately presented South African school children? Easy, with an impromptu Scottish country dancing lesion! In no time Frances had commandeered the school sound system to blast out some traditional tunes, and had the students up out of their seats and lined up in the school yard performing Strip the Willow!


This is just one example of the fun and spirited way that Frances worked her magic! In her 48 years, Frances played an important part in lives of many individuals and also contributed significantly to Room 13. We pay tribute to her on this anniversary of her death, and offer heartfelt sympathies to the family and friends who love and miss her.


Sea to Sky

In August 2016 Resipole Studios & Fine Art Gallery is hosting a collection of multi-media artworks by the late, abstract expressionist, Jon Schueler (1916-1992). Sea to Sky is one of a group of exhibitions, both in the US and in the UK to mark the centennial of Jon Schueler’s birth. Sea to Sky presents a collection of 38 works that are central to his time spent on the West Coast of Scotland, where he frequented throughout his career.

This award winning arts venue provides the perfect backdrop to Schueler’s works of art, which is enveloped by the very landscape that inspired the American artist.

We are thrilled to share news that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of works at this exhibition are to be donated to Room 13 International, making this a perfect opportunity to invest in an internationally significant piece of artwork while also supporting a charity, home grown in the West Highlands, that supports artistic development, creativity and enterprise among young people in Lochaber, Scotland and overseas.

The exhibition will run for six weeks (6 August – 18 September 2016) and will feature a number of events celebrating Jon Schueler’s centennial.  

‘Sea to Sky’ at Resipole Studios & Fine Art Gallery



Participants in the recent Young Artists’ Retreat, visited Resipole Studios & Fine Art Gallery. They enjoyed a talk and a tour by gallery owner Andrew Sinclair, and all voted this one of highlights of their experience. The Artists’ Retreat, aimed at young artists aged 14-17, was run by Room 13 International with support from Highland Youth Arts Hub.

Opportunity for a Visual Artist

Artists’ Brief and Development Opportunity – Room 13

We are looking for a visual artist to take up an exciting opportunity in Lochaber.

We have a nine month contract to offer an artist who will work with us to develop and deliver a series of workshops and creative engagements with community groups and local schools, including Lochaber High School. This work is part of Room 13’s delivery as a partner in the Highland Youth Arts Hub and the contract will be awarded to someone who is socially engaged, self motivated and who, ideally, has some experience of delivering innovative projects and working with the wider community, specifically young people.

The Highland Youth Arts Hub (HYAH) promotes cross-art-form working. Applications are welcome from artists who are comfortable working with a range of media, including digital software, photography, music and creative writing.

The aims of the role will be to –

  • Work with pupils and staff across different departments at Lochaber High School to promote engagement with, and understanding of, contemporary arts practice.
  • Identify, enthuse, mentor and involve a core of young people as collaborators in visual art projects.
  • Develop and deliver a series of workshops with community groups keen to work with Room 13.
  • Develop own practice through using studio and gallery space available.

Room 13 are one of twelve partner organisations that make up the Highland Youth Arts Hub (HYAH). The Highland Youth Arts Hub is one of nine such groups that have been set up across Scotland to deliver the National Youth Arts Strategy; ‘Time to Shine’, supported by Creative Scotland.

This opportunity includes the offer of accommodation, and the selected artist will be supported by the wider Room 13 International team based in Lochaber.

Download the full brief here for more information on this opportunity and details on how to apply.

Deadline for applications: 5pm on Friday 28th of August 2015

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Update from Nepal

Here is a brief update from Nepal with news on some of the community based recovery programmes we have been supporting with funds raised via Room 13 International.

Our colleagues on the ground in Nepal report that the loss of over eight thousand human lives, more than double that number injured, the perishing of over one lakh* animals, destruction of many buildings, rendering several lakh* people homeless, and the damages caused to other property or valuables has been simply devastating. But the earth-quakes and their aftershocks have taken a mental toll as well. (*one lakh = 100,000)

We aim to distribute the funds we are collecting widely, making small amounts available for locally based organisations to invest as they see fit. This way, we are happy that we can support communities to address a range of issues they have identified from physical needs and infra-structure to social and emotional wellbeing.


Here are some of the groups we have provided support to so far:

Shanti Griha, Kathmandu, Nepal   www.shantigriha.org

In the immediate aftermath of the earthquakes, Shanti Griha volunteers and staff organised distribution of tents and temporary shelter to survivors in stricken villages, working their way outwards from their organisation base in Patan, in the Kathmandu valley. They are also providing water and masks in other areas, working to compliment the support provided by ctw (clean the world earthquake response effort) who are also providing food and shelter.

Our support for Shanti Griha will provide relief to lots people directly hampered by the earthquakes.


Orion Training Center, a skills development and vocational training center, Lekhnath, Pokhara, Nepal: Re-Establishment Program for Earthquake-Hit Schools.

Since the government is busy in immediate rescue and relief operations in the most affected regions, they have not been able to provide necessary aids in the schools that have been destroyed.

Orion Training Center aim to re-establish schools in Kaski district by providing temporary classrooms to urge the students to attend their classes. They will combine this with conducting awareness programs to address the trauma and stress resulting from the deadly earthquake.

After visiting the affected places and learning the traumatized condition of the children all across the district, they have come up with a plan to set up temporary classrooms constructed out of local materials like bamboo, mud, stones, timber including plastics and tents. The same classrooms can be used by the villagers as a shelter for their safety in the event of further quakes.

Many parents are still hesitant to send their children to schools, and the children have naturally become more vulnerable to fear, depression and the tendency to get easily frightened, thus losing self-confidence. Orion Training Center has been granted official permission by the District Education Office to launch this program so as to restore the educational activities of the district, and train teachers how best to handle their students traumatized by the quakes by providing psycho-social counseling to help them get rid of the fear and enjoy their time at school.

kaski1 kaski2 kaski3kaski4

Thank you to the friends and supporters of Room 13 International who have contributed in support of these efforts so far.

We are continuing to collect and distribute donations post updates on the activities as we receive them. The recovery process for Nepal will be a long one and we are counting on the wealth and wisdom of our global community to carry on supporting these local initiatives.

Donations and contributions can be made via Paypal using the link below:


Cheques or money orders can be sent to:

Room 13 International, Unit 1, Glenloy Street, Caol, Fort William, Scotland, PH33 7DR.

Please make cheques payable to Room 13 International, and mark ‘Nepal Fund’ on the back.

Thank you for supporting our global community.




Donations for Nepal

Nepal is a country very close to our hearts. Room 13 HCMC in Kathmandu was the first Room 13 studio to be set up overseas, marking the beginnings of Room 13 International Studio Network.

Several youth expedition teams from the community of Caol have visited the country over the years to support and develop the Room 13 studios in Nepal.

As a result we have many friends and colleagues in Nepal, and close links with charitable organisations and communities who have worked to establish Room 13 projects and bring arts and creativity to the youth of Nepal. In the aftermath of these recent devastating earthquakes, Room 13 International will be collecting donations on behalf of these locally based organisations, which we will send directly to help their efforts to recover and rebuild their communities.

Donations and contributions can be made via Paypal using the link below:

Cheques or money orders can be sent to:

Room 13 International, Unit 1, Glenloy Street, Caol, Fort William, Scotland, PH33 7DR.

Please make cheques payable to Room 13 International, and mark ‘Nepal Fund’ on the back.

Donate for Nepal

Thank you for supporting our global community.


UNEDUCATED 5 Sept – 5th Oct 2014

A collection of artwork and images from the Room 13 archive are on show at the Counihan Gallery In Brunswick, Melbourne Australia.

Curated by Kym Maxwell, UNEDUCATED presents artworks and projects that explore ideas of society, knowledge and institutional learning that both provoke consideration of our role as spectators and reflect on the debate of the ‘educational turn’ in contemporary art discourse.

Read a review of this exhibition: http://primermag.net/art/2014/9/kym-maxwell-interview-uneducated

Room 13 World Tour – Raising Funds and Spreading Creativity

A set of beautiful custom made moneyboxes are currently touring the world to raise funds and support for Room 13 International!

The Room 13 World Tour is the latest fundraising initiative organised by TBWA.

TBWA Tiger Academy is a global training programme run every year for 40 of the company’s young and most promising employees. Every year, the TBWA Tigers are tasked to come up with an entrepreneurial and creative project to raise funds for Room 13 International.

This year, the TBWA Tigers commissioned Room 13 studios to design and create a unique artwork that would also serve as a moneybox to travel the world raising awareness and money for Room 13 International. The proceeds are directed to the Rod Wright Bursary Fund, introduced by the trustees of Room 13 International in honour of our founding Chairman, and will be used to support entrepreneurial and creative projects put forward by Room 13 studios.


Moneybox created by Room 13 Aragon, London, England

Moneybox created by Room 13 Community Studio, Fort William, Scotland

Moneybox created by Room 13 Aseema, Mumbai, India

Moneybox created by Room 13 Delmar, St Louis, USA

Moneybox created by Room 13 Aragon, London, England




















Room 13 studios in Scotland, England, India and the USA put forward designs and created the 5 artistic pieces you see below. Each of these is now on a route around the worldwide network of TBWA – from Europe, to the America’s, Africa, Asia and the South Pacific.

Follow the tour: http://room13worldtour.mytbwa.com/

Inspired to donate? Please do!



Shikshayatan celebrates 20 years of free education

Today is the 20th anniversary of Shikshayatan School, now home to Room 13 Shikshayatan. Aruna and Raghavan, who founded the school in 1994, held the first classes around their kitchen table. They are to be congratulated for their energy and vision; not only building the school facilities brick by brick, but allowing the children access to an education of the highest standard.

In 1992 Raghavan and Aruna left Bombay with their small daughter and invested their entire life savings to establish a primary school at Arasavanangkadu, a village of 1500 people in a remote corner of Tamil Nadu.

They established The Anugriha Charitable Trust with the intention of evolving and demonstrating alternative educational methods in India. Shikshayatan School opened  on 15th August 1994 admitting 15 3-year-old children to the first class. All of the children were drawn from low income, scheduled caste families in which they are the first generation to receive any education. Within this community, the Raghavans have spent the last two decades exploring and experimenting with new methods of early childhood education. They have grown and developed the school year by year, striving to keep pace with the requirements of their students, resolute in their aim of providing free education to the under-privileged. Expanding its capacity gradually from pre-school to primary and then to middle school, Shikshaytan now gives an education, uniforms, textbooks and snacks to 225 students, on a four-acre, green campus, without charging a single rupee.

In 2004 the Raghavans met with Room 13 and were inspired by a presentation given by two youngsters from Scotland. Confident by this point in their ability to instil the skills of literacy and numeracy in their pupils, they felt intrigued by an approach to arts education that appeared to sit so comfortably with their own methods. Room 13 Shikshayatan was introduced to the school in 2005, and has since been host to a number of visiting artists.


Shikshayatan visit to Scotland 2009

Children and teachers from Shikshayatan School on a visit to Scotland for Room 13 International Summer School, 2009


Create Day Auction

The Melbourne office of global communication company TBWA have held the first ‘Create Day Exhibition‘ to raise money for Room 13 International. The exhibition featured a collection of artworks created by agency staff which were sold – within 2 hours Aus $5149.40 was raised in support of youth creativity throughout the world!

A showcase of the artworks that were created can be viewed on the company’s PROJEQT page: Whybin\TBWA Create Day Exhibition.

We are grateful to Whybin\TBWA and all the agency staff who contributed to the exhibition for supporting us and capturing the creative spirit of Room 13 in such a great way!

The challenge has been set for other creative agencies across the TBWA network in 2014!