Room 13 Aragon

Resident Artist(s): Louise and David Frewin
Main Studio Artform: Visual Arts


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Aragon Primary School, in the London Borough of Merton, set up their Room 13 studio in 2005.

The studio got going with an ambitious project – a custom designed and hand painted car, which was later driven 10,000 kilometres in a rally from London to Ulan Bator!

Since then, Room 13 Aragon has developed steadily at a more sedate pace, with the support and dedication of Artists in Residence Louise and David Frewin.
The studio is open for two or three days each week, with time set aside for artists, and other times for the management team members and helpers to deal with business and housekeeping jobs. The studio is a hub of creative activity, often involving the wider community, from pre-schoolers to parents. Teaching plays a central role in the work of the studio. Everyone has a part to play in passing on skills and advice to younger or less confident artists.

Room 13 Aragon has developed a reputation for collaborative working, particularly large scale murals. They have been awarded commissions and their work can be seen around the school and further afield.

The studio is funded solely by the enterprising initiatives of the management team. While the artists strive to improve the quality of their work to attract commissions, and raise the studio’s profile through competition entries and putting work in exhibitions, the management team work hard to sell products and fundraise within the community.

In their own words:

“It is good being in Room 13 as we make friends with people in other year groups and help each other with our artwork; we all make a good team.   

We have been trying really hard to raise money. We enjoyed selling and counting the money afterwards. We have to make hard decisions but we developed our skills and learn things through our experiences.

The children on the committee work with the Artists in Residence to run painting sessions with the rest of the school. At first doing the teaching made us feel a bit scared that we might mess up and do something wrong. We understand how teachers feel now! But after a while it got easier as we felt a bit more relaxed and confident. Now it feels like we can do anything!”

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