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Resident Artist(s): Various
Main Studio Artform: Visual arts, music, drama


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A group of students from Lochaber High School led the way in developing international links for Room 13 by organising the first Room 13 expedition to Nepal in 2000. Since then, Room 13 Nepal has grown and developed with support from local agencies and the efforts of several youth expedition teams from Lochaber, Scotland.

Room 13 International works with locally based organisations and supporters to facilitate skills development and sustainable local enterprise, and provide arts, music, training and community building programmes for young people in locations across Nepal.
The Room 13 projects in Nepal are organised and run in connection with Nepali organisations based in Kathmandu and Pokhara. It is through their efforts that Room 13 is put into action as a means of engaging with young people and encouraging them to become active, creative citizens, who are motivated, resourceful and engaged in the development of their communities.
The main objectives of Room 13 in Nepal are:
  1. Help the children and youth to develop and grow a creative mindset
  2. Build a social network among children, teachers, youth, parents and community
  3. Promote awareness for environment conservation, sanitation, health and peace via drawings, dance and music
  4. Develop the team spirit aming children and youth
  5. Help in preservation and transmission of cultural dances, folk songs and other cultural aspects to new generation
 The activities of Room 13 in Nepal extend to the following areas:
  • Room 13 art studio, Pokhara, Nepal
  • Room 13 HCMC, Kathmandu, Nepal

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