Room 13 Nepal

Resident Artist(s): Various
Main Studio Artform: Visual arts, music, drama


Room 13: Nepal Network Overview

A group of students from Lochaber High School led the way in developing international links for Room 13 by organising the first Room 13 expedition to Nepal in 2000. Since then, Room 13 Nepal has grown and developed with support from local agencies and the efforts of regular youth expedition teams from Lochaber, Scotland.

Room 13 now provides arts, music, training and community building programmes for young people in locations across Nepal.

Room 13 International works with many local organisations and supporters to facilitate skills development and sustainable local enterprise.

The Room 13 projects in Nepal are organised and run in connection with Nepali organisations HCMC Orphanage; Shanti Griha; AVATAR Nepal and Shanti Griha-AGEH. It is through their efforts that the Room 13 programme is being put into action as a means of engaging with young people and encouraging them to become active, creative citizens, who are motivated, resourceful and engaged in the development of their communities.

Additional funding for Room 13 Nepal is provided by Room 13 International, via community fundraising initiatives organised by Room 13 studios and partner schools in Lochaber, Scotland; sponsorship from Dave Freeman Memorial Fund and many private donations.

In their own words:

In Nepal, Room 13 is not only providing skills in art, music, and handicrafts but is also helping children learn to think from an early age. The program helps them to understand the meaning of group work and its impact in society.

People from different classes, castes and societies are brought together via their drawings and musical programs. This also increases harmony, acceptance of diversity and team spirit.

Room 13 has proved an ideal example how art can change the atmosphere and environment of a school and village, with its different creative programs and gatherings.

Justification of Need of Art Programs:

The educational system of Nepal is mostly theoretical. Most of the schools, government or private, offer no or very few activities like art, dance, music etc. This has made the education very dry, focusing on repetition instead of understanding by doing. It suppresses the bud of creativity in the tender minds. Different ideas blooming in the mind of kids don’t get a chance to come out due to the restriction of activities or knowledge to course books. On the other hand, most of the government schools lack fund, manpower and motivation to run such extracurricular activities.

Similarly, art can bring the kids, youth and villagers together in a platform where they can have awareness, discussions which can prove a step to heal the broken social structure during armed conflict. The traditional dances, costumes and folk songs are slowly being forgotten by new generation. It is one of the biggest wealth of nation. Art dance and musical programs can support the transmission and conservations such cultural aspects from a generation to other.

The main objectives of Room 13 art program are:

  1. Help the children and youth to germinate and grow creative approach
  2. Build a social network among children, teachers, youth, parents and community
  3. Promote awareness for environment conservation, sanitation, health and peace via drawings, dances and music
  4. Develop the team fortitude in children and youth
  5. Help in preservation and transmission of cultural dances, folk songs and other cultural aspects to new generation


Room 13 programme extends to the following schools and communities in Nepal:

Room 13 HCMC Orphanage Kathmandu
Room 13 Mount Radient Boarding School Kathmandu
Room 13 Dibya Jyoti Rasttiya Primary School Chitwan
Room 13 Shree Rastriya Primary School Chitwan
Room 13 Shree Mahendra Jana Sahayog High School Syangja
Room 13 Dhurba Deurali Primary Primary School Syangia
Room 13 Dibya Jyoti Birendragar Primary School Chitwan
Room 13 Kalika Primary School Primary School Dolakha
Room 13 Laxmi Primary School Primary School Syangia
Room 13 Pashupati Primary School Syangja
Room 13 Phewa English Boarding School Pokhara
Room 13 Prada High School Primary School Pokhara
Room 13 Shree Purna Durga Bhawani Primary School Syanja
Room 13 Rastriya Secondary School Dolkha
Room 13 Janajagriti Secondary School Secondary School Dolkha
Room 13 Shree Jalpa Devi Primary School Dolkha
Room 13 Madarasa Nurul Uluk School Syangja
Room 13 Little Daffoldils School Primary School Pokhara
Room 13 Shree Shanta School Pokhara
Room 13 Shree Lahari Community Primary School Pokhara
Room 13 Damauli Child Club Children’s Club Tanahun
Room 13 Shree Jhargaun  Primary School Tanahun
Room 13 Shree Dhaptar Child Club Children’s Club Tanahun
Room 13 Shree Tribhuwan Primary School Tanahun


Contact Room 13 International to make a donation in support of Room 13 Nepal or to find out about  opportunities for visiting artists and volunteers.

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