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Screenprinting Summerschool

This summer, Room 13 Community studio offers a unique experience to individuals who are interested in the mix of creative and business based activity.

This block of workshops will introduce you to working with a team of artists and entrepreneurs in a studio environment to focus on the process behind realising a creative idea. It will provide you with the opportunity to think and experiment with the design process and put into practice a working method that aims to take you from idea to finished product. This will inform your wider artistic practice and develop your business thinking.

During the week’s workshops you will share the studio space with professional artists and business people who will help to develop your ideas, thinking, and as part of a team, create a brand to produce products to market at an event held in the Room 13 studios on the Saturday and throughout the local area.


Room 13’s screenprinting summer school is open for applications.
Download application form

There are 10 places available. Please send completed applications to: info@room13international.org ***Deadline extended to 5pm on Friday 9th June 2017!***









3000 Ideas


Join artist Richard Bracken in generating 3000 ideas for Lochaber Ideas Week 2015.

Everyone is welcome to take part. Ideas can be about anything and may be practical, social, community, creative, environmental or even purely fantastical!

Workshops will take place in the Window at Unit 1 Glenloy Street, Caol:

Wednesday 28th October 6.30 – 8pm
Friday 30th October 6.30 – 8pm

Monday 2nd November 6.30 – 8pm
Wednesday 4th November 6.30 – 8pm

Monday 9th November 6.30 – 8pm
Wednesday 11th November 6.30 – 8pm

Each workshop  will include a 15 – 20 minute talk, followed by an interactive process of generating ideas.

Participation is free but spaces are limited so please click here to book your place.

The result – a visual mass of ideas, transforming and diverging to form new lines of thought – will be displayed at the launch of Ideas Week 2015  in the Ben Nevis Distillery, Fort William  and then throughout Ideas Week 16 – 21 November 2015.  


Workshops for Very Young Artists

VYASummer2015-A5flyer copy

Contact us for bookings &  information about Very Young Artists workshops and our Highland Youth Arts Hub programme.

Summer Programme 2014


Room 13 Summer Programme will take place throughout July at Room 13 Community Studio in Caol Youth Centre.

Our workshops have been designed to keep you busy all summer  – from hour long sessions for new Primary Ones to a week of Portfolio-Building, a 2-day Printmaking Workshop plus our Open Studio sessions on Wednesdays, all based at Room 13 Community Studio in Caol Youth Centre.

We encourage people of all ages and abilities to come along and experience the studio environment, learn new skills, and just have a good time making things – come and learn new creative techniques, try out different printmaking processes, put on a play in a day making everything as you go, take a wander to look for materials and make something from what you see and find:

Ages 4 -5
·         New Primary Ones Taster Workshop (hour long sessions)
Ages 5 – 7
·         Very Young Artists – exploring materials & techniques
Ages 8 – adult
·         Summer Studio – photography, drawing, constructing, painting, looking,  printing…
Ages 10+
·         Working with Stuff – collecting, carving, cutting, gluing, sculpting, drilling, pouring…
Ages 12+
·         Skillbuilder Workshops – Tutoring in Papermaking, Felting, Plaster & Carving, Printmaking
·         Printmaking Workshop – 2 days of linocut, etching, collograph & monoprinting…
Ages 16+
·         Portfolio-building Workshop – a week (Mon – Fri) focusing on developing a strong body of work & trying new things
All Ages
·         Felt Feet – family workshop learning felting and making felt…feet
·         Play in a Day (in collaboration with Dramafish Studios) – family workshop, make the props, costumes, sets and write the play – in a day!
·         Open Studio – free, open to all, come along and use the facilities

Please download the full programme for further details, prices and a booking form.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Easter Workshops 8th – 12th April 2014

Room 13 Community Studio in Caol Youth Centre will be running the popular Very Young Artists workshop and Studio Explorer Sessions along with family friendly workshops for all ages allowing plenty of opportunity to get creative this Easter holiday!

Creative Workshops & Studio Sessions for all ages will run from 8th – 12th April 2014 @ Room13 Community Studio Caol Youth Centre, Fort William, Scotland PH33 7DP

Download the full list of workshops here   or contact info@room13international.org for details

Paper & Printmaking Workshop Series


A series of weekend workshops in Printmaking, Papermaking & Bookbinding.

Best experienced as one course over three weekends, these workshops are designed to give an insight into three related skill sets.  These workshops are available for anyone aged 12 to adult and will take place in the relaxed environment of Room 13 Community Studio in Caol, Lochaber.

Printmaking: 1st & 2nd March                 £58 adult        £38 under 18s

Explore printmaking techniques with visiting artist Sarah Keast. Printmaking is a diverse subject with many skills to master, however, learning just a little can go a long way.  We will look at linocuts, and monoprinting.  Be warned, it can be addictive!

Papermaking: 8th & 9th March               £58 adult        £38 under 18s

Learn how to make paper with recycled materials and naturally occurring materials with Room 13 resident artist Richard Bracken.  This workshop will introduce you to the techniques and allow you to experiment with making your own unique paper.

Bookbinding: 15th  & 16th March            £58 adult        £38 under 18s

Richard Bracken will introduce methods for assembling your own sketchbooks, journals and notepads with just a few simple tools and materials. You will also have the chance to combine all of the skills of printmaking, papermaking and bookbinding during this weekend, giving you, for example, the opportunity to create a book of prints incorporating hand-made paper.

Full course price (all 3 weekends): £160 Adults, £95.00 under 18s

Includes tuition, all materials, and refreshments.

Click here for further information & booking form

Or Contact: info@room13international.org

Room 13 Open Day

We have an open day coming up where you can come by and experience Room 13 by diving right into the middle of it all and see for yourself how a Room 13 works within a school and community environment!

There will be visits to the original Room 13 based in Caol Primary School at regular intervals throughout the day. The artists in residence and managers will be on hand and will happily answer any questions you may have about what really goes on in a Room 13. It will be also a great opportunity to bring up any individual project ideas you may have which are relevant to your community or organisation and you can book a one to one meeting to discuss it further.

Room 13 Open Day, Caol Youth Centre from 11:00am – 3:00pm on the 27th of September.

Come by for the whole day or just drop in for a chat!

Contact: admin@room13internation.org for further details on the day’s events..

Room 13 Summer Studio 2013

Room 13 Community Studio in Caol was the focal point for our 2013 summer programme. which included Portfolio Preparation for senior school pupils, workshops for Very Young Artists and popular afternoon studio sessions for artists of all levels of experience and ability.

There was drawing, painting, construction, wood, wire, looking, thinking, talking, photography, glitter, poetry, printmaking, sculpting, discovery, hilarity, collaboration, mystification, exploration and questions. Lots of questions.  A good time was had by all.

Browse photos of the fun and interesting happenings at Room 13 Summer Studio 2013.

More photos here on our Facebook page.


InterGen Artlink Project

Inter-generational project at Room 13 Beatrice Tate

In 2012, Room 13 International has supported Room 13 Beatrice Tate in making a successful application to the Shadwell Trust. The grant from Shadwell Trust is being administered through Room 13 International to run ”Intergen Artlink” project, linking Room 13 Beatrice Tate with their surrounding community in Bethnal Green, east London.

The aim of the project is to draw together local groups that would otherwise not meet, to take part in creative and social workshops facilitated by artists Emma Conder and Bob Dawson.

Other outcomes of the project are to build the profile of Room 13 in the community and to start creating long term supportive and mutually beneficial links and relationships.

This is an inter-generational project involving young people from the Room13 studios in Beatrice Tate and and Old Ford schools and older residents from Gateway Sheltered Housing and Tower Hamlets U3A art groups.

In a series of with creative workshops, participants in the ”Intergen Artlink” project have been given the opportunity to express themselves through a range of mediums and techniques, including collage, print, drawing, poems, sculpture, books, through which they are encouraged to share and compare their cultural, generational and personal experiences, and stories about growing up and life in Tower Hamlets.

To date, both young and elderly participants have enjoyed dedicated workshop sessions in familiar territory, as well as being able to get out and about to explore the local area and coming together in unique spaces and times created for meeting and making.

Rather than impose themes, the artists have encouraged and facilitated the group to set the direction and pace of their creative enquiry. Sessions to date have involved working in sketchbooks, alone and in groups, getting to know and each other and be comfortable sharing work and ideas, collecting material and information about the local area and its history; memories; self portraits; and responding to music.

This project is ongoing, and will culminate in 2013 with an exhibition of the groups work inspired by their collective and individual experiences.

In their own words:

“At the start of the project the idea was to individually and collaboratively make work about the member’s collective experience and personal memories of Bethnal Green (London), the local area, and what it meant to the participants.

However over the course of the project it has become clear that these unique spaces and times created for meeting and making; are more about getting to know each other, to chat and to share, with the common thread of ‘creativity’ and ‘making’ as a constant presence and activity from the start.  The creation of art works and sharing in processes have become the foundations and the spring board on which the participants are connecting with each other and learning about each other.  The artists have adjusted the themes and focus of the workshops accordingly.

The first workshop in 2012 was all about meeting each other and showing our art work. In their own studio during preparatory workshops,  both groups had been working on sketchbooks and pieces about themselves and their lives. We had been collecting material and information about the local area and its history; memories and experiences, photos, actual things, sketches, word and rubbings. So people brought  pictures of themselves in as children, or brought in things or pictures of things that are important to them. In small groups or couples, however they naturally formed, we looked at each others work; talked about what it meant, or how it had been created, and shared a cup of tea and a beautiful spread of cakes! Some of the participants started to create collages from the materials that had been set out; working together.

Our second meeting was to be a joint group trip of the Senior art groups and children from the Room 13 Old Ford school, to a local exhibition of historical and recent photography of the area.  Both groups had sessions with the artists in preparation for the trip. The Old Ford Room 13 children had thought about the meaning of place, and about what home means; we did some collaborative mapping of their local area.  The seniors enjoyed the exhibition and were able to see the changes in the local area. Unfortunately The Old Ford School group were unable to join the trip at the last minute.

Our next session at Ruth Court had the theme of self portrait and use of clay. Each group had preparatory workshops practising to create clay busts, or enjoying the properties of the clay and experimenting with mark making and imprints. All the participants got stuck into creating sculptures straight away; chatting and helping each other.  Everyone was pleased to see familiar faces again; there was ‘banter’ and a real celebratory atmosphere! There were some interesting pieces created which were all photographed and the clay recycled.

Our most recent session in March 2013 was very soft and tranquil; as everyone appeared to be comfortable and at ease with each other. It also maybe have been due to the theme of the workshop which was music and responding through drawing and with our bodies. All the groups had been working creatively in response to sounds in run up sessions to the workshop; including the Old Ford young artists, who were unable to make the joint inter-generation session again.  For the workshop we hired a jazz singer and guitarist. While they played the group made marks, and danced with charcoal taped to bamboo lengths, on paper covering the ‘dance floor’ creating a collaborative and unending response to the music.

We are looking forward to the next meeting of our groups and excited to see how the relationships we are all developing will create opportunities for everyone in the future.”

Emma Conder
Lead Artist, Intergen Artlink Project.

Room 13 Caol Summer Workshops









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