Room 13 USA

Resident Artist(s): Various
Main Studio Artform: Visual Arts


Room 13: USA Network Overview

Light Bringer Project is a nonprofit, Pasadena-based arts organization founded in 1990 with the mission to “build communities through the power of arts and education.”


In 1997, Light Bringer Project turned its attention to the pressing need for arts education in the public schools. After examining the kind of role the organization could play in support of public education, project founder Tom Coston and his colleagues became convinced that Room 13 would compliment and enhance the work of Light Bringer Project.

Since 2008, Light Bringer Project has been championing the development of Room 13 in the USA.

In the summer of 2008, Light Bring Project staff members arrived in Scotland to attend an international gathering of Room 13 pioneers, young artists, and artists-in-residence. They heard from those who spoke with clarity and excitement about their personal studio experiences. By the time they left for home, they were even more assured that Room 13 belonged in their own backyard. They developed the first American studio at James Foshay Learning Center in South Los Angeles. Following that, they launched two more studios: Room13/Eliot Middle School in Altadena, California and Room13/John Muir High School, in the Pasadena community.

From these beginnings, Costson says he “has watched our studios grow and been continually thrilled to see them bustling with energetic, enthusiastic young artists!”

Light Bringer Project now serves as a coordinator and a communications conduit for those who want to start new Room 13’s in North America. They listen, offer advice and share information from their own practice, and from whose who came before. In summer of 2011, Thomas Coston, President of Light Bringer Project, was appointed to the Room 13 of International Board of Trustees.


Since the opening of our four Room 13’s in Southern California, new studios have been cropping up. Room13/San Rafael in Pasadena, California is a recent start up as is Room13/Melrose in Los Angeles, California. Other studios are being considered at an artist’s studio in Highland Park, California and at Aveson Charter School in Pasadena, California.


The USA Room 13 network:

Room 13 Eliot – Middle School, Altadena, CA

Room 13 Foshay – High School, South Central, Los Angeles CA

Room 13 John Muir – High School, Pasadena, CA

Room 13 Boone – Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, Boone NC

Room 13 Dillsboro – Food Bank, Dillsboro IN

Room 13 Delmar – Mobile Studio, St. Louis, MO

Room 13 NKU – University, North Kentucky, USA

Room 13 San Rafael – Elementary School, San Rafael, CA

Room 13 Clubhouse – Community, Lakewood, CO

Room 13 Melrose – Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA

Room 13 Hollywood – Community, Hollywood, CA

Room 13 St. Andrews – Prospective, Pasadena, CA

Light Bringer Project’s Room 13 programme is supported in part by a grant from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. The local networks are always looking for mentors in art and business to help them develop.